With roots in macaroni & dry soup mixes, we have the longevity to provide quality products your customer's desire. There are always new products going on and new products being developed to ensure that...there's Always Something Cookin'™


Founded in 1977 by Alvin Karlin and drawing on his experience gained by Mrs. Grass' products, he began a new venture; one based on producing quality food products at a great value to the customer.



Increase your profits with our premium items. 
An excellent addition to your product line,

you can single source all your needs at Karlin Foods while saving time and adding profit.


Karlin Foods is...

 a leading private label food manufacturer, headquartered in Northfield, IL.  From "add meat" prepared dishes, to microwave rice pouches; Karlin Foods has the experience to provide quality products to fill your customer's needs.  We're happy to work with our customers to create new or specialty items to match the consumer's ever changing needs.


Drawing on the extensive private label food manufacturing experience of both its founder and its staff Karlin Foods produces Private Label and Packer Label items in over 50 categories.  The combination of high quality, superior service and unmatched value makes Karlin Foods the optimal choice for your private label product needs.